GAP analysis

In March we finished the GAP analysis in training of trainers for the retail sector. A questionnaire was sent out by each of the project partners, a report was then put together that summarizes our findings. The aim of the research was to reach out to small, medium and large companies as well as employees and employers.

Based on the analysis the employees in the retail sector are in need of training in order to improve their skills and competencies, consequently enhancing their qualifications and improving their position in the labour market. In the participating countries the vocational education provided for people involved in the retail sector is either very limited or disconnected from the actual needs of the labour market.

The research shows that the most appropriate target group for the pilot phase of the project are employees of small retail shops over 30 years old who have acquired an apprenticeship or have completed a VET (vocational education and training) course. They should also have experience in the sector of over five years. The training should focus on the following aspects: customer service, service management, product presentation/display and product specific knowledge (key data). The course should be created as a flexible system combining face to face trainings, on the job learning (be it mentoring or job shadowing) and accompanied by an online supporting module or a blended course. The ratio of each training methodology should be decided on a country basis, depending on the profile of the respondents of each country. Finally, it is very important both for the learners as well as the teachers that the course be of high quality, providing essential and useful knowledge to the learners and that becomes important for both employers and employees, providing significant added value.