Designing a curriculum/learning model

We are currently working on work package 3: Designing a curriculum/learning model. The Education and Training Service Center in Iceland is overseeing the work which is progressing well. The people at the Education and Training Service Center are working on designing courses in adult teaching and learning which they call Stiklur in Icelandic, it is a combination of 20 modules in educational and instructional technology/methodology for adult trainers. They are designing courses for a wide range of people working in the field of adult education and human resource management in companies. Their main emphasis is on newapproachesinteachingandlearning accordingtoideas abouteffectiveness and quality in adult learning. To put the main focus on the adult students and their differences in learning styles, motivation and competences and how to meet it withvarietyofdifferent  approaches. To introduce and try new approaches. To examine the necessary connection between learning and work and find how to assure that the learning will be as useful as possible for the students and their worksituation. And finally the quality of adult education in every possible aspect.

Based on the GAP analysis the focus in designing the learning model will be on social and comunication skills also the training will be supported by available IT tools. We plan on designing three differnt models ranging from 40 hours long to a full 3-4 EQF level course.