In Iceland we are currently working on work package 4 , piloting, in collaboration with Samkaup, a big retail chain in Iceland. We launched the piloting with a workshop held in Reykjavik on the 22th of September. Already three workshops are completed and the students have received homework assignments that they have had to work on at their workplace and then share with the other students via joint Facebook page.. Similar piloting is also being conducted by our partners at SPAR in Austria and TESCO in Ireland. When the piloting is completed we will revise the curriculum in terms of the outcome but the piloting has made a good start. We will then use our findings to move forward with this project.

To help us figure out the benefits of the program we will carry out a course assessment which is conducted in a manner that the students were initially asked to assess their skills and knowledge on various aspects and then again at the end of the program. The results will then be compared and the comparison used to evaluate the program.